wavering interests.

i bought l’oreal’s voluminous false fiber lash mascara today after seeing ads for it. the mascara contains short and long nylon fibers for that “false lash” look. i bought it in blackest black. the color pay off is really nice. the brush is cone shaped and bent slightly. with the first application there was a noticeable difference in length and my eyelashes did curl a bit. with the second application i got the more voluminous look but there was some clumping; i went throught with a clean mascara wand to fix that problem. the texture of the mascara is a bit dry- i may need to find a primer so my lashes won’t dry out… i’ve read reviews that said later in the day the fibers started to fall out…because this was an impulse/late in the evening buy i really can’t say that i’ve encountered that problem yet. i’ll wear it tomorrow and give a heads up. this is my personal opinion…i’d love to here from anyone else and their experience with this product.

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    but u definitely see a difference tho, wow
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